PAE Dancers Kickoff Competition Season at Dance Educators of America

Revolution Dance Academy’s Performing Arts Ensemble (PAE) attended their first mandatory dance competition of the season March 11-12, 2017. (Some dancers attended optional competitions earlier in the year) Dance Educators of America (DEA) was held at the Antler’s Hotel in Colorado Springs and included a full day of competition on Saturday and a day of classes in ballet, lyrical, tap, hip-hop and Broadway on Sunday. We are so proud of each and every dancer who took the stage and gave their best efforts in the solo, duo and group categories. For some of them, this was their first time performing in front of a large audience – Including our Bottle Rockets (ages 4-6) who showed they definitely have “pizzazz” and made us all smile!

Congratulations to our Regional Title Winners: Miss Junior DEA – Nicole Hamilton, Miss Pre-Teen DEA – Madison Egbon, Miss Teen DEA – Ashley Kress, and Miss DEA – Kathleen Belarde.

Also, congratulations to the Overall Highest Scoring Solo, Duo or Trio of the entire competition, “Open Hands”, which won the Director Award (choreographed by Miss Toni) and the Overall Highest Scoring Group Dance, Skin-Nerves-Brain-Heart (choreographed by Miss Tasha) which won the President Award. Miss Tasha also won the Best Choreography Award for the same dance. What a great weekend! To check out all the competition results click here.

DEA Director Award winners – Kathleen Belarde, Gabriella Rae and Toni Freehling (center)

DEA President Award winners – Gabriella Rae, Elizabeth Salvador, Audrey Leonard, Paige Swope, Ashley Kress, Kathleen Belarde and Tasha Redder

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