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Welcome to Revolution Dance Academy’s blog! We hope that you will enjoy the thoughts we share here, as well as celebrating all that we are at Revolution.

We are blessed to come alongside you on your dance journey, to share your dreams and help you reach your goals. As we begin a new season, let’s think about what Revolution stands for – what we stand for as
dancers, parents, and teachers striving toward a common dream. Each week in this blog, we are going to take a look at the letters we have chosen to represent us as a studio and what they mean.

This week, let’s talk about what it means to be . . . Respectful.

As dancers, it is imperative that we show respect – respect to our teachers, respect to our peers, and finally, that we respect ourselves!

Respecting our teachers . . .

We all know that in order to get the most from each class, we must show respect to our teachers. Being to class on time, dressed appropriately and ready to dance is the first step in showing our teachers that we respect them. You show your commitment to each class when you arrive on time and in the appropriate attire. Chatting with classmates should cease as soon as you enter your classroom, ready to give your teacher all of your attention and best efforts.

How do you receive and apply corrections? Each correction you receive is a gift – an opportunity to perfect your craft. It’s easy to view a correction from your teacher as a negative thing, but without them, your teacher wouldn’t be serving their purpose – which is to help you become your absolute best self. How do you receive corrections? Do you receive them as an opportunity to grow? Receiving corrections
and applying them is a very important way to show your teacher that you respect them!

Finally, we can show our teachers respect by respecting their time. As they work so hard to give their very best to us, often teaching classes back to back, we need to show our teachers that we respect their time. If there is ever anything we need to discuss with a teacher, it’s very important to set a time to meet with them, rather than trying to catch them between classes – or worse – when they finally have a moment for a quick bathroom or snack break. Respecting our teachers’ time is a fantastic way for us to appreciate and
respect them for all they do!

Respecting our peers . . .

We are so thankful to witness the wonderful bonds of friendship that are built here in our studio. Watching you grow together, support and love one another, is one of the greatest gifts we experience as teachers and directors. As you one day leave the studio and perhaps pursue dreams of dancing professionally, the attitudes of teamwork and respect that we are building now are going to be one of the most important skills you possess. Imagine being awarded a place as a member of the corps in a professional dance
company – without the skill of working as a team member, it would be very difficult for you to be successful in this endeavor! Encouraging, congratulating, and celebrating your peers shows that you respect them as teammates and fellow dancers. Criticizing or treating another dancer poorly not only displays a lack of respect, but you may be unwittingly showing your teachers that you are not willing to work as a part of the team.

Respecting ourselves . . .

As dancers, we ask a lot of our bodies! You’ve probably heard before, that a dancer’s body is their instrument. Without proper care and attention, no instrument is going to work properly. Making sure that you are getting proper nutrition, enough sleep, and plenty of water isn’t just something we like to nag you about – it is essential to performing at your best every day you come to dance.

If a teacher corrects something that they fear may lead to an injury, apply the correction! Your teachers are here to keep you safe and healthy, and keep you doing what you love for as long as you love to do it! Respecting your body is a key step in respecting yourself.

We are blessed to work amongst some of the most talented dancers in our city, and we hope that you inspire one another as much as you inspire us! When we compare ourselves to another dancer, we are not respecting ourselves. Remember that you are on your own journey as a dancer, and that no two dancers are exactly alike – a fact we are so thankful for! No one would want to go and hear a symphony where only one type of instrument was being played! A symphony is most beautiful when all of the different instruments collaborate to create a masterpiece. You are a part of our symphony – and to make our masterpiece everything it can be – you need only work to be your best self. Celebrating both your own strengths, and the strengths of others, is a fantastic way to show the world that you respect yourself!

As we head into our upcoming auditions, we are so proud of each of you! Continue striving towards respecting your teachers, your peers, and yourselves.

Let’s spend this season showing the world that . . .

We Are Revolution!

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