Revolution Dancer Gets The MusEffect

What an experience! RDA Performing Arts Ensemble (PAE) Company dancer, Audrey Leonard, 13, just completed the MusEffect Mini Muse Experience in Los Angeles, CA this summer. Dancers are chosen to participate based on a video audition and application. This was the second time Audrey was selected – Amazing!

MusEffect is a non-profit organization that fosters a dialogue on social issues through dance. Topics pertinent in today’s society are explored in such a way that art, intellect and intention are combined to help with awareness and healing.

Jessica Starr, CEO and Creative Director of MusEffect, travels with her company members all over the world, providing in-house dance workshops and intensives. Audrey first had an opportunity to work with Jessica at a Revolution Dance Academy workshop here in Colorado Springs. Her contagious spirit and creative, intense dance style very much appealed to Audrey.

At the Mini Muse Experience, Audrey spent a week in LA, 14-hours a day, participating in team building, acting classes, photo shoots, personal development workshops, cross-training and lots of dance classes. The Mini Muse dancers also participated in a Glow-Ride on Hermosa Beach that benefited Claire’s Place Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps families affected by cystic fibrosis. The dancers raised over $1,500 for this foundation. The final project of the Mini Muse Experience was to prepare a PSA video that addresses texting and driving. [Click Here To View The Video] 

MusEffect Video

Audrey had a fabulous week with MusEffect! It is an all-encompassing experience and shows what the dancers can accomplish personally, socially and artistically in just one week. Audrey, we are so proud of you!

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